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Packing: 100 tab.
Concentration of active ingredient: 10 mg/tab.
Producer: Vermodje SRL (Moldova).
Active ingredient: chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.
Turinover – the steroid preparation, having active ingredient powerful derivative methandienone - chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. It is the steroid of oral application which is very popular among a wide range of athletes. The main effect of a preparation is expressed in increase in power indicators, increase of speed and endurance of the athlete, increase in dry and rigid muscular weight.
Description Turinover
The molecule of active ingredient of a preparation represents on structure methandienone to which added atoms of chlorine. At the expense of it the preparation is not flavored and possesses the reduced androgennost, than wel known methandienone. Side effects of Turinover, respectively, weaker and the preparation as a whole is safer for an organism. Anabolic properties thus are not much weaker, than at methandienone.
The history chlorodehydromethyltestosterone began in the 1960th years in GDR. Experts of the socialist republic aspired to prove to the whole world the superiority, and application by athletes of active ingredient Turinover helped the GDR team to reach the second place on the Olympic Games of 1972 in Munich.
The preparation was extended among athletes both power, and high-speed sports at the expense of the unique properties. Besides Turinover use from Vermodje in bodybuilding, its sale meets and for the medical purposes. It is often possible to meet analogs of a preparation on active ingredient of different producers. So, Turinover steroids, Turinadrol or Turinabol - actually identical preparations. A difference between them in packing, the producer and a form (color) of tablets, active ingredient identical and the contents in one tablet equal 10мг. The choice consists in preference and trust to this or that producer and, certainly, the price can become a determinant.
Hlordegidrometiltestosteron is suitable both for skilled athletes, and for beginners. This preparation is not subject to aromatization and converting in dehydromethyltestosterone in an organism. The unique shortcoming is its gepatotoksichnost therefore Turinover (10 mg) has some contra-indications. So, it cannot be used at nephritic and hepatic insufficiency, during pregnancy.
Active in an organism the preparation remains about 16 hours therefore it optimum to accept daily. The preparation does not detain water in fabrics, and the muscular weight gained with its help dry and qualitative. Steroid cost Turinover from Vermodje quite answers a high ratio the price quality. All costs of a preparation a storitsa pay off results in force, speed and endurance. Besides it long enough remains active in an organism, and is completely deduced in 6 weeks.
The detailed instruction on Turinover 100 application on 10 mg is laid out on our Forum where it is possible to receive particulars and real reviews of many preparations. At the use of a preparation level of production of own testosterone decreases. On the course termination after a while it is restored.
As a whole Turinover (10 mg) is among the safest steroids. In sports it quite will suit the beginner, as does not cause side effects at reception in recommended dosages. At most that Turinover from Vermodzhe – acne and the increased arterial pressure can cause. But if to neglect reasonable recommendations, it is possible to catch and a ginekomastiya.
Turinover: how to take
The preparation dosage for men usually makes from 20 to 60 mg a day. The size of an individual dose depends on weight of the athlete. The preparation is accepted at the rate of 0,4 mg on weight kg. The reception course Turinover lasts on the average 6 weeks. Longer reception is not desirable because of negative impact of a preparation on a liver.
Reception of Turinover and female sportswomen, but in doses no more than 5-15 mg per day is possible. Though the preparation also possesses the reduced androgenic activity, to women to apply it it is necessary carefully. At emergence of the first signs of side effects application of a preparation is necessary for stopping.
Daily dose, as a rule, use once per day in the morning, or divide into two receptions. At competent use Turinover from Vermodzhe gives the chance to gather a course to 8 kg of very dense, qualitative muscular weight. The preparation can be accepted as independently, and in a combination with other steroids.
Reception Turinover is solo rather weak, but if you have no experience of reception of steroids, its effect will be more than enough. For the skilled athletes who have the accurate purposes and well knowing the organism, complex reception of preparations is possible.
The course Turinover is combined with nandrolony and testosterone more often. Combinations to Stanozolol and Parabolan very well burn fat and dry a relief. For women the combination more poorly, with Oksandrolon is used.
Turinover: reviews
Perhaps, it is better than responses, than results of Olympians, you will not think up. Many Soviet and east German athletes by means of this substance reached the tremendous results. Reviews of Turinover Vermodje can be found in the Internet, and our Forum to that confirmation. Having considerable experience of reception of anabolic steroids athletes share on it the personal impressions and results.
Modern responses about Turinover only confirm his good reputation. The gain in force and speed after the first weeks of reception of a preparation reaches 10-15 %. It means that to the athlete become available new weight and the horizons.
Reviews about Turinover from Vermodzhe in a cut of drying effect also please. Reception of a preparation allows not to use additional zhiroszhigatel. Also numerous reviews of Turinover confirm its safety. Negative influence on an organism of the athlete or individual intolerance of active ingredient is very seldom noted. The high anabolic index and efficiency of a preparation allows athletes to leave only positive opinions on it. By means of it you can increase with guarantee force and endurance, and also to gather qualitative muscles. Naturally, observing thus a mode of intensive trainings and a sports diet.
Where to buy Turinover
Buy Turinover from us you can at any time, irrespective of week, target and holidays. We work only with the checked producers and suppliers, we leave on the direct contract and we presume low trading margins. Also athletes should know that Vermodje SRL – the licensed plant on manufacturing sportfarma, located in the Republic of Moldova. All preparations of this producer differ quality and reliability in application. Therefore to buy Turinover from us it is possible rather cheaply, and, at the same time, to be sure of efficiency and quality of a preparation.
Steroids cannot be cheap because of certain risks at all, connected with this kind of activity. If to you suggest to buy Turinover, and the price for it very low is, most likely, a fake or delay. Do not risk the health and a purse. We guarantee to the clients quality of preparations. You can order in us Turinover and to be quiet that the order will reach. Everything is packed in the most thorough way, and confidentiality and anonymity are guarantee of your and our safety. If you want to have a strong body, this preparation for you.

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