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Packing: 100 tab.
Concentration of active ingredient: 10 mg/tab.
Producer: Vermodje SRL (Moldova).
Active ingredient: stanozolol

Stanover from Vermodje is widely known in bodybuilding and powerlifting an anabolic steroid. Its capacity on anabolic properties exceeds testosterone more than in 3 times, and the androgennost makes only one third of testosterone.
Direct action of Stanover mg/tab shows in explosive increase in power indicators and increase of dryness and muscles relyefnost. Its burfat effect, active removal of water from an organism and appetite strengthening are also noteworthy.
What is Stanover: creation history
The scientific laboratory Vintrop (USA) synthesized substance stanozolol in 1962, and originally it was applied in veterinary science, to improvement of high-speed indicators of running horses. Certainly, the sports public did not ignore such anabolic opening, and on the basis of the invented active ingredient the prototype of the above-stated steroid was created. Today the instruction to Stanover says that it is recommended to be accepted for restoration after operations and at anabolism violations in an organism.
The molecule of stanozolol – active ingredient of a preparation of Stanover (100 tab) – represents updating classical digidrotestosterone to which the metilny group is added, and also the androgennost is considerably lowered and anabolic properties are increased.
From 1960th years there were also analogs modern Stanover of 10 mg, but in a drugstore today they will be not not bought and cost is available not to everyone. But athletes, especially security officers and bodibilder, does not stop anything because properties stanozolol allow to achieve good results.
Properties and side effects Stanover
Stanozolol possesses unique ability to antagonism of progesteronovy receptors of a cage and suppression of communications between and their receptors. Detailed effect and the description of tablets Stanover will give our Forum where professionals and beginners, sports advisers and skilled trainers communicate.
The mechanism of action of a preparation is directed on stimulation of the genetic device of muscular cages, there is a powerful strengthening of synthesis of proteins, DNA and RNA.
Collateral actions of Stanover mg/tab from Vermodje practically does not show, it is not flavored, therefore the athlete is not threatened by a ginekomastiya that excludes reception of an anti-estrogen. Tablets are gepatoxic, but generally cause only increase of arterial pressure and cholesterol. At women reception of a preparation leads to a virilizatsiya at overdoses. The effect of increase of appetite should be considered to all athletes, and to resort to a special sports diet with the raised maintenance of proteins.
The tablets Stanover – the best preparation for drying, is suitable both for professionals, and for athletes of amateur level. Though its cost not the lowest, as well as any steroid, for receiving a relief and explosive force is more favorable to be enclosed in the checked preparation, than to risk unknown cheap steroids.
Learning, how many there is Stanover (10 mg / таб) at different sellers, remember that the preparation price at unusually low level often testifies to a fake. In our Internet shop we can provide a guarantee of that you receive qualitative original tablets Stanover from the producer. And the ratio of the price and quality of a preparation wholly will pay back all costs of its acquisition. You receive improbably dry weight and explosive power. Besides you can always check authenticity of the goods on official a site of the Moldavian company on an UPIK code located on packing.
How to take Stanover
For men the dosage is equal 50-100 mg daily or every other day. The individual dose and duration of a course always should be defined by each athlete individually, depending on physical readiness. It should be noted that application of Stanover gives the most notable effect when the athlete has no excess weight. If available serious fatty folds, it is necessary to reduce weight before the beginning of a course.
The cycle Stanover lasts usually 6-9 weeks. After the first reception of a preparation action begins almost instantly, and activity remains within 8 hours. Therefore a day dosage divide into 2-3 receptions. After the course termination the preparation is found in blood for 3 weeks.
Advantage of an oral form that women can accept it, and accurately watch a dosage. Besides, a tablet it is much more convenient than injections. Therefore for women the question how to accept Stanover, in tablets or injections, usually is not necessary, the oral form is safer and in respect of an androgennost. The average dosage for women makes 5-10 mg a day.
Many athletes excites how to drink Stanover in combinations to other preparations for achievement of the maximum effect. It is possible to recommend to combine a preparation with Anabol, Turinabol or Nandrolon. Stanover reception together with Primabolan or Nandrolon becomes an effective and safe course for beginners. The use of a steroid contraindicated at anemia and a kakheksiya.
Stanover: reviews
Athletes estimated for a long time this extremely effective anabolic. It well proved for application in inter-season period and before competitions. And taking into account modern requirements to the athlete to be constantly in shape at all becomes irreplaceable. Reviews of Stanover confirm that the results received by means of a preparation at correctly made course remain for a long time.
Reviews of Stanover note that on a course of a preparation there is no need for an anti-estrogen since process of aromatization does not occur. The steroid can be contraindicated only to the people having diseases of a liver. It is connected with toxicity of an oral form of a preparation for a liver and demands breaks between courses for all sportsmens.
It should be noted that responses about Stanover leave both men, and women that in addition confirms possibility of his use with both floors.
Reviews of Stanover will help any beginning athlete to be convinced of efficiency and safety of a preparation, to make a right choice among a set of anabolics proceeding from objectives.
Where to buy Stanover
The Internet shop is open round the clock and without days off.
At a choice where to buy Stanover, it is necessary to be extremely careful. The number of sales of obvious fakes and sites recently increased - threw. Therefore if you want to get steroids – address to us. The reputation of our shop overworked not one year, and today is carefully supported at high level. Responses of our numerous and regular customers with ease will confirm reliability of delivery and quality of steroids.
To order Stanover in us it is favorable, as the price includes it the minimum trading margin. It becomes possible thanks to our direct connections with suppliers. And also we are interested in that happy clients addressed to us again and again.
To order Stanover begins even more favourably at registration of the large order. In our Internet shop you can learn more information on provided discounts in the special section at our Forum.
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