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Packing: 100 tab.
Concentration of active ingredient: 50 mg/tab.
Producer: Vermodje SRL (Moldova).
Active ingredient:  methandienone

Naposim is the latest sample an oral steroid applied today which has strong impact on an albuminous exchange. Under the influence of Naposim synthesis of proteins amplifies and by that production of protein by an organism is accelerated. This effect is expressed in positive balance of nitrogen in an organism and in improvement of the general condition of the person. Positive impact also is made on balance of calcium: Naposim promotes intake of calcium in a bone fabric. 
Naposim possesses strong anabolic and androgenic action which is shown in a huge gain of force and masses. Naposim is simply "a steroid of muscular weight" which acts quickly and reliably. The increase of one two kilo in a week in a current of the first six weeks is at reception Naposim norm. The additional weight of a body develops of a true gain of a fabric (a hypertrophy of muscular fibers) and first of all from an appreciable delay of liquid in an organism. Excessive accumulation of water and aromatization it is easy to avoid in most cases a simultaneous combination Tamoksifen and Proviron's reception so some athletes nevertheless can use Naposim in 7-10 days before competitions.
Range of dosages - the most various, especially at athletes of bodybuilding, shtangist and athletes of a pauelifting. This range stretches from the 2nd tablets in day to 20 and more tablets of daily reception. A daily dose, really good operating on the athlete, - somewhere 10-40 mg a day. The dosage always should correspond to specific features of the athlete. Beginners in steroids never should accept more than 15-20 mg a day since with this dose in 8-10 weeks they can already reach fantastic results. If preparation action on this group of athletes after about eight weeks decreases, and the athlete nevertheless would like to continue a course, it should not raise a preparation dosage, it is necessary to accept only in addition to it any injektsionny steroid, such as Deka-durabolina on 200 mg a week or Primabolan on 200 mg a week or absolutely to pass to one of the above-named preparations.
Testosterone application in this stage is not recommended. Wait a little, still all ahead. For absolutely impatient and already skilled athletes (athletes of the advanced stage) miracles the combination from Naposim will create of 20-30 mg day and Deka-durabolina on 200-400 mg a week.
In effect athletes without ambitions with a sight on competitions can reach absolutely outstanding successes with Naposim and Deka. Athletes of big-time sports, Athletes of the advanced stage and what over 100 kg weigh, need a dose which is not exceeding 40 mg a day, well and in absolutely exceptional cases in 50 mg of daily reception. At all has no sense to increase quantity of tablets of Naposim to incommensurable scales since 15 tablets do not operate in 2 times better, than 7 or 8. The daily dose in 50 mg starts with pure ignorance of athletes of the facts about the device, or from a despair since at some owing to continuous or wrong reception of a steroid it is not visible any progress. Naposim and Androlika's simultaneous application 50 - bad idea since these two preparations are too similar on the influence owing to what there is a situation similar to those when the athlete accepts Naposim's 10 and more tablets. Those whom first of all interest force, and then muscular weight, can combine Naposim with Oksandrolon or Vinstrol (in tablets). Additional reception of any injektsionny steroid brings nevertheless considerably more the best results. Sustanon or Testoviron especially is suitable for accumulation of force and muscular weight of long action of 250 mg a week and/or Deka-durabolin on 200 mg a week. For preparation for competitions Naposim is suitable only with reservations since it causes a big congestion of water in many athletes and owing to its high convertibility in an estrogen it complicates process of decrease in fat for the athlete. Those who does not suffer this problem, and also those who got the hand with Nolvadeksom and Proviron Naposim with steroids for preparation for competitions should accept in this phase: Parabolan, Vinstrol of long action, Proviron, Oksandrolon, Klenbuterol, etc.
Since Naposim acts only 4~4.5 hours, it should be accepted at least twice a day to reach sufficient concentration of chemical in blood. By scientific researches it is established that influence time Naposim in days of trainings in comparison with days of rest from them shorter therefore it seems full of sense, preparation reception three times a day. Since Dianabol alculated on a 17-alpha and to these is already protected from loss of his chemical active ingredient, it is necessary to accept it during food. For the third day after the completion of reception of Naposim presence of its operating chemical of Metandrostenolon in blood, by results of analyses, negative. It means that action of tablets passed. The athlete after all should rely only on negative urinovy test since allocation of products of disintegration of Metandrostenolon by urine lasts more long. The maximum concentration of operating chemical of Naposim in blood is reached an hour later - three hours after its reception. Already simple reception only 10mg is shown in fivefold increase in average amount of testosterone of the man. The essential reason of why Naposim well affects each athlete that endrogenny development of a cortisone is reduced by 50-70 %. It slows down substantially percent of disintegration of a protein in a muscular cage.
To women Naposim we do not advise, since on the basis of the strong component it causes the appreciable phenomena of a masculinization in women. And still enough of sportswomen of bodybuilding and especially sportswomen of powerlifting accept Naposim and at doses in 10 - 20mg in day reach tremendous successes. The women not sensitive to additional inflow of androgens, and that at all are not afraid of the casual phenomena of a masculinization, well manage a dose in 2-4 tablets for at most 4-6 weeks. Higher dosages and more long time of reception of a preparation bring the best results, but do appreciable presence of androgens at a female organism. A day and 50 - 100mg a deck durabolin in day over 4-6 weeks no woman who appreciates the feminity should accept more than 10 mg.
Naposim is for the majority of athletes an anabolic of "good health" which improves mood and increases appetite at many athletes in a combination to the reached results promotes both to a psychological enlightenment and raising self-image.

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