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Packing: 100 tab.
Concentration of active ingredient: 10 mg/tab.
Producer: Vermodje SRL (Moldova).
Active ingredient:  methandienone
Naposim – a steroid with well-known to athletes active ingredient – methandienone.  It represents the modification of testosterone possessing reduced androgenic properties and more expressed anabolic activity. 
The main effect of Naposim has on processes of proteinaceous synthesis, increases the muscular weight, power indicators, increases appetite and strengthens bone system. It is a powerful anabolic, is twice more effective than testosterone, it is easily flavored and it is toxic for a liver. Its androgenic properties exactly are half lower, than at testosterone.
Description Naposim
In 1956 the American company Ciba synthesized substance methandienone.  But the preparation entered the free market only in five years, and was applied to acceleration of restoration of fabrics after burns, and also for the general increase of a tone at women.  And through quite wide interval of time at half a century with superfluous anabolic properties and cost of Naposim (Vermodje) were estimated by athletes, in particular bodybuilders and powerlifters. 
Today methandienone is active ingredient of a number of preparations, both injection, and oral.  For example, Naposim or Danabol actually analogs of each other.  Anabol, Metandrostenolon and others enter the same row.  Therefore athletes often call these preparations in abbreviated form simply "methane", designating active ingredient. 
The preparation accelerates proteinaceous synthesis in an organism that directly influences growth of muscular weight.  Also there is a stimulation of a metabolism of calcium, it in large numbers arrives in bone fabric, strengthening the musculoskeletal device.  As a whole application Naposim (10 mg) solo promotes detention of many important microcells (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, sodium) and to level increase eritropoetin in blood. 
Preparation absorption through a gastrointestinal path happens very quickly, Naposim (10 mg) contacts globulin and doesn't collapse in a liver, interacts with cellular androgenic receptors.  Both for beginning athletes, and this preparation will be useful to professionals.  It is possible to gather to 10 kg of "crude" muscular weight for a reception cycle Naposim (Vermodzhe), the Forum of our site with responses easily it proves. 
Some shortcoming is water accumulation, but it is easy to correct it, having added a course with the corresponding preparations.  Arising side effects at reception of Naposim disappear after the course termination, production of endogenous testosterone is restored.  The main thing, don't neglect reception of an anti-estrogen, and then you have nothing to worry. 
At the use of such strong anabolics as tablets Naposim, it isn't so important how much is a preparation, and it is more important to make a competent course for the best effect and minimization of by-effects. The most frequent pobochka methandienone – the acne, the increased arterial pressure, a ginekomastiya at men and a masculinization at women. At high dosages internal production of testosterone strongly decreases, there is an irreversible ginekomastiya and the liver collapses. Therefore strictly follow recommended doses of a preparation, the detailed instruction to Naposim (10 mg) from Vermodje is at our Forum, you won't find it in packing. Average time of detection of a preparation in blood makes 5 weeks.
How to take Naposim
For athletes the dosage of a preparation makes 10-50 mg a day, on a course lasting 6-8 weeks.  As the half-life period methandienone is equal to 3-5 hours, the day dose is divided into 2-3 receptions.  It provides maximum efficiency of a preparation. 
Application Naposim (10 mg) isn't recommended to women in view of high aromatization and androgenic activity of a preparation. But some skilled sportswomen accept a preparation and if you decide to follow their example, in day drink no more than 10 mg. For the women not sensitive to reception of androgens, this preparation won't do harm. But for a usual organism there is a big risk of a masculinization.
no direct dependence with a speed of a set of muscular weight, but there is a dependence with growth of frequency of side effects. 
If you the beginner, doses in 20-30 mg per day on all course Naposim is more than enough for emergence of notable results.  For more skilled athlete who was already accepting similar anabolics, the dose can be higher, but reasonably.  Anyway, solving how to drink Naposim and whether to drink him in general, consultation with the skilled person as individual selection of a dose depends on many factors is necessary. 
This preparation can be used as individually on a course, and in combination with other steroids for achievement of the maximum result. Combinations Naposim with Nandrolon, Vinstrol and Oksandrolon are most popular. If the purpose in the maximum set of weight, approaches a combination with Testosterone and Sustanon.
Naposim review:
The majority of those who applied a preparation, notes the good growth of muscles which is saddening only by some kickback after a course.  To some stirs the increase of appetite complicating observance of a sports diet.  Thanks to popularity of a preparation and, despite recent popularity, reviews of Naposim it isn't difficult to find.  From side effects athletes note frequent emergence of an acne, grease skin and decrease in a libido.  But practically all responses about Naposim (Vermodzhe) characterize a preparation positively.  No problems with it arise if the course joins an anti-estrogen like Tamoxifen. 
In the first weeks of reception the gain of muscular weight makes 2-3 kg, especially at the corresponding physical activities.  Responses about Naposim speak, about need of observance of a diet and a mode of trainings for the best results from a preparation.
Where to buy Naposim
You can buy Naposim in our online store most comfortably. 
It is impossible to order Naposim in a drugstore therefore online stores become the real rescue for many athletes. Besides you can not only buy Naposim from us, and get and other preparations for a steroid course. You won't need to spend time for search of preparations in other shops. A variety of producers and forms of steroids will allow to make the order at us the most convenient for you. If you doubt, whether you need to order Naposim, consultants on our site and skilled members of the Forum will help to make a right choice.
Naposim:  price 
Can't cost not much such preparations therefore if to you do too tempting offer, be careful.  Having bought a low-quality preparation, health can do much harm seriously.  We care of clients therefore our price of Naposim (10 mg) is optimum in the sportfarm market .  Our producers and only the checked suppliers guarantee quality of preparations.
The price on Naposim (10 mg) in our online store can change only in the party interesting to you. We work, without raising a trade margin, and expanding number of happy clients. If you do the large order, the price of Naposim can be for you even more pleasant.

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